The generation has moved ahead! and i feel like a grandpa already :)
there is a post on the BB...
How to make my girlfriend miss me soooooo much!
not so long ago, people used to think twice before posting such things on general BB... forget about bigger & better things like PDA! :D
People are replying left right centre... buy a bouquet and switch off the mobile for a few days... then call her and see.. how she tells you how much she missed you these 3 days!
mind blowing yaar!!
The talent for aashiqui has always run deep in our blood... right from the days i saw anil kapoor wooing madhuri dixit in the 80s and 90s.. or aamir and juhi coochie cooing and saying... 'tumhein pata hai... aaj maine tumhe kitna miss kiya??'
All these years, from the transition of India from the age of scooters to mobikes, from landlines to cell phones, and from girls to chics... the 'aashiqui' thread has remained common!

There is an undying spirit... which says... when a lion also needs a lioness... what wrong am i doing??
Perfect sir! You are doing no wrong... i am just discussing the bird's eye point of view.
I remember.. while in college.. all this was pretty normal... infact guys of the same hostel.. same room try to upstage each other to win the lioness!

I salute the 'aashiqui' spirit.. just like India salutes the Mumbai spirit.. i love the fact that no matter what the odds.. no matter where you are.. no matter how many people are there around you.. no matter which platform you choose(including the BB) ... the famed 'aashiqs' just 'do it' anywhere!