For years, somewhere in the Pakistani psyche, etched deep within is a wound... a wound that brought up such amounts of pent up energy that it attacked it's bigger brother with hostile intentions four times, but fell to the ground all four times.
After the third round, the bigger brother too did not take it lying down and freed East Bengal(now Bangladesh) from Pakistan's control.
The final of the four, the Kargil conflict was a macabre and treacherous operation by the over ambitious Gen Mussharraf who was later desecrated and thrown off his chair.
India, the goliath, each time with it's strange fetish for peace, got up, dusted itself after each war and moved on.
But David, prepared for the next war.
Decades ahead now, India has clearly moved on, opening it's trade barriers and rubbing shoulders with the mightiest economies in the world.
A vibrant democracy with the most impressive growth rate during the recession of 2009, it was the beacon of hope for the rest of the world in terms of sustainability in the banking industry. It taught the world, how the Central banks of the world could play a crucial role in preventing such occurrences.
The world sat up and looked in amazement as India posted a 6.8% growth that year when majority of the world posted negative double digit numbers.
Pakistan, on the other hand, as some reports suggested was looking down the barrel.
It had about $6bn only left in its forex reserves, which could feed the country for a week at most.
Militancy and narrow mindedness and the regressive one-point agenda of destroying India had clearly costed Pakistan it's place in the sun.

A shining example of the above text is the following video, where the regressive Musharraf was mauled by a true Indian peace loving Muslim and deoband leader, Maulana Madani.
Musharraf was dumbfounded and could not even regain his composure!
Have a look :
But all this to no avail!
Separated at birth like Siamese twins, bitter neighbours for long, Pakistan has always eyed Kashmir from the corner of it's eye.
Kashmir is one topic which refuses to die in the Indo-Pakistan affair.
Pakistan has and will always tacitly support militancy in Kashmir, support every person, goon and rowdy sheeter politician who wants to separate Kashmir.

Behind the scenes, I cannot help but wonder, how the separatists and hardliners like Begum Mehbooba Mufti and Mr. Gilani manage to hold the state to ransom.
The government in all its earnestness only pampers the separatists in the name of democracy.
Could someone help elaborate, what democracy exists in PoK or the so called 'Azaad Kashmir'?
Ask Mr. crazy Gilani to go to PoK and foment his forces there.
Ask the mental Madam Mufti to get the separatists to free her if at all and ever at all she gets kidnapped by militants in future. It was the Indian govt which freed her after releasing 2 dreaded terrorists who later planned an attack on the Indian parliament.
The kind of peaceful and forgiving nature that India has shown over the years, I can only say that these separatists have only slept on beds of roses built on the pyres of the Kashmiris.
They talk of the liberation of Kashmiris.
I want to know which normal, common Kashmiri wants to shut his shop down for 50 days at a stretch when his family has nothing to eat.
Which normal common Kashmiri wants to stop sending his kids to a school, when elsewhere in India every progressive kid is riding the new wave of Indian economy.
Leave the bloody PoK and the China disputed part aside.
There is Jammu and Kashmir in India which can enjoy the democracy.
A lot has been put at the hands of these back-stabbing separatists who hold the state to ransom.
They pay the unemployed youth to throw stones at the forces.

India can only watch, because it will not use its military might against its own people.
It is a peace loving country whose state J&K has been ravaged by these mobsters.
They talk of some bullshit like, this is Kashmiri mindset and the government cannot supress it.
Ask them, where did this mindset of the average Kashmiri go during the bygone elections just about an year back when ALL the separatist parties were slapped across their faces?

Why were they hiding their muck-ridden faces all through and why only in the last 2 months have they started the stone pelting culture again?
They have caused millions of dollars of loss to the ex-chequer and routed the tourism industry in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I want to and sincerely want to know which Kashmiri supports these stone pelting goons?
Is this the 'azaadi' that the Kashmiri wants?