I knew what was coming my way.. when i saw the tacky guy naming his tacky production house 'Illuminati'....
What?? does he operate that secret society or something?? or is he Robert Langdon??
Fine.. i have a negative bias against the one time national award winner... but then i thought deepika and rishi kapoor might neutralize the strong negative undercurrent.

but no... 1st scene of the movie.. deepika and saifoo (sounds like a dog's name... saifoo - sheroo .. nahi?)
main pile on nahi karna chahta... bullshit.. i know where this is going... bloody youngistan lingo.

Deepika had a plastic expression.. her voice never conveys the feeling that her face wants to.
She is a perfect depiction of a plastic doll gone famous!
She would now have to learn acting after becoming a superstar!
Similar things were said about Aishwarya 'Plastic' Rai... during her 'Taal' days.. but now she has brushed up her skills and also got herself the tag of first lady of Bollywood... so what's wrong with Deepika.. so i discount her! afterall she is a newbie.

But Sheroo.. sorry .. Saifoo... man this guy amazes me.. i sometimes think i shouldn't be discriminatory about his Donald duck voice modulation..
but then his acting pisses me off so much that i end up targetting him :)
His dances so badly that i can dance better than him.
he looks old now... and when he does the youngistan lingo.. it pretty much looks like the neighbourhood friendly uncle trying to flirt with the girls on the streets.

The sardar scenes were quite nice .. though sheroo looked unconvincing as a sardar.. but the intent was good and the romance looked fresh.. so liked that part.

Apart from that.. pretty avoidable fare.