This is one thing I wanted to write about since a month or so.
I don't know if it has been lack of motivation or just lack of will to accept that my words cannot match my emotions on this topic.
I feel it is the latter and it's time I accept it!

Feelings are difficult to decode like I mentioned earlier... but in a case where you are indebted to a person from your soul already, it becomes your aim or ambition to pay back the person in some small way that you can.

In my case, it is my sister in law I am talking about...
She is the single biggest contributor in facilitating my match at her place.. I couldn't be more indebted to her...

Now its time for her to get married :)
And me, I am all over the place... I get so involved sometimes in the process that I fear I don't become too judgemental.
The truth is I so badly want the guy to be 'just-the-perfect-one' that I sometimes become too critical :(

But then, I think being critical also comes with being a Virgo.
I have started experiencing this feeling where I feel that waiting and watching is better than committing wrongly.
It's maybe the kind of love that fathers would experience towards their daughters at this stage in their lives...
I know the gravity of the statement I just made... its huge.. but then.. i feel it!
It would be hard to comprehend for most people my age, but that's how some relations are.
My wife is my most prized relationship... I am the closest that 'close' can be, to my wife.. and who helped me do that? a big push from her side.. then things like convincing the parents was a cakewalk... couldn't have imagined a bigger favour someone could do for me!

Ah.. it's so easy to take a favour.. but 10 times more harder to return it.
Sometimes, when I think about the 200 odd profiles that have been subject to profiling in the last month and half... there are just 4-5 guys that could potentially match up... potentially only!!!

In a country where the males are on the stronger side of the male:female ratio, it is but ironical to find so little on the sifter once the sieving is done.
On a lighter note, it's also another law of the nature, that where there is quantity, the quality suffers :)

Thinking on the sidelines, I feel that MASTERCARD is a great service to the planet. The two things it has given mankind are :
1. Ease of transacting anytime/anywhere.
2. Giving the world an unforgettable line.

The second one echoes in my heart right now..
The kind of feeling that I am talking about matches so nicely with the famous line.

/*There are somethings money can't buy*/
Yes, very truely.
There are somethings money absolutely can't buy.
Money cannot buy someone the feelings that I have nurtured for a person.
Money cannot buy the emotion I am going through these days. Money also cannot buy the decision which ultimately will see her happy!!
Oh yes, there are many many things money can't buy.

So yeah, I know the road ahead is tough... I would quote Robert Frost in these oft-repeated but full-on meaning lines :

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Yes, many promises to keep...
Promises to keep!
All the best my dear... we were, are and will always be one in front and one behind you!