Life is what happens to you, they say, when you are busy making other plans.
There are many times when you wish you could be the hero and you end up falling with a thud.
That time, no matter whoever is with you, the one who picks you up and dusts you up, buys your heart for life.

A degree happy, a degree curious, in anticipation I waited to to see..
But the inept heart forgets, sometimes it is never meant to be.

Not worried about the consequence, a question it poses in ignorance
It is met with a response of insolence
A little shocked, a little annoyed..
It wondered how a question could have all the deserved joy denied.

Torn, the heart came to the bedroom windowsill
The windowsill was its only pill for any ill.

He wept and wept cursing himself for prying
The cold wind sweeping his face had all the tears drying
He asked God, do I have anyone here?
There was no reply.. that's when the wind said.. I am here
You can tell me all that is there..

Like a lost child who finds his parents.. the heart cried
Cried again and cried till his tears dried.
The wind, now serious, asked if everything was allright..
The heart nodded, but knew it was night and nothing was bright.

The pain was not big, but the heart was bitter
That's when he realized that all that's not gold also does glitter

But it was late..
And after a while, the tears refused to co-operate.
Sad that the tears had also left him alone to fend
He looked up again in the skies and asked, is there someone on whom I can depend?

No answer again, the heart turned back waiting for the sun to dawn..
But that was a while away, so again he asked..
this time with a resolve..
the voice inside him answered this time, yes, it is your mom..
A smile dawned on his lips with this thought which was not new
Yes truly, even when you aren't with me, the only one I can turn to is you.