Yesterday me and a couple of my office buddies were partying ..
The discussions veered from morality, human nature to aliens to college life... it was all guy-talk, but then when we talked of college, we were all mushy mushy for obvious reasons and then ...
sometime around mid-night, this advertisement came up on the TV.. and 3 of us, got hooked onto the TV set.
41 seconds later, all of us, said the same thing in different languages..
"This has to be the cutest ad this year."
I just love the sitar music at the end.. it sounds so fresh!
The girl and guy have that brilliant look of their 'first-meet-vulnerability'.
All of us were actually transported back in time..
It was truly, madly and deeply a - "Blast from the past".
Have a look :
For those who don't understand Hindi, here's the transcript with the time factor.
Boy : Excuse me, could you give me a small bite of your Dairy milk chocolate? (0:02)
Girl: Do I know you (0:08)
Boy : (Nods) No
Girl: So? (0:10)
Boy : My mom tells me that before you start doing something good, you should always have something sweet. (0:12)
Girl: By the way, what's the good thing that you wanna do? (0:23)
Boy : I was thinking... I can drop you home (0:26)

The thought at 0:12 is a typical Indian tradition of having something sweet before you embark on something good.
The belief is that it will bring good luck and success in the task.

Sometimes, these small things make you happy and bring a smile on your face!

PS : The above advertisement belongs to Cadbury's. This post is just a reference to the brilliance of this advertisement which I wanted to share.