This post, I am sure would not go down well with true blue Americans who pride themselves in calling themselves Americans and love everything that is American.

Nov 4th, 2008
This was the day when Barack Hussein Obama became the beacon of a very motivated America.
All the Americans hoped and prayed that this will be the end to all the illnesses of America from the Bush era.
As a schoolboy I had read this proverb in one of school text books :

"Don't lose hope as hope is a rope that swings you through life"

To an extent, Mr. Obama did succeed in filling every American's heart with hope.
His speeches were inspiring and had very good intent, to say the least.
America thought it was a new dawn.

Few months down the lane, Mr. President was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, hitherto awarded to someone of the stature of Martin Luther King Jr.
Apart from America, the world, took it with a pinch of salt.
Sir Obama had actually done nothing but talk. If that was the criterion, then Oprah Winfrey should have been awarded before Obama.

With a hiccup, the world still embraced the decision and cheered the new President's victory.
Over the next few months, his charisma grew ..
till the recession hit the world's biggest economy.
People lost their jobs, the unemployment index skyrocketed and America went into shambles with big boys of Wall street falling like eucalyptus trees in a tornado.

The world is dependent on America because of its multi-trillion $ economy size.
Any quake in the mecca of trade world would send tremors across the golbe that reach far and wide.

With this, the peace loving President's image took a beating and so did his popularity ratings. His ratings were at an all time low.

Now, to resurrect some of the lost pride, the politician with his coterie is back at wooing hearts with his gift of gab.
Whipping up political frenzy, rhetoric and jingoism are all traits of politicians across the world.

Simple thumb rule :
When the crown is in danger, divert the attention.
Clinton did it by attacking Iraq in a surprise attack when faced with Lewinsky scandal.
Bush did many stupid things, but Afghanistan and Iraq were his biggest mistakes.
The Iraq war has costed America more than a trillion dollars now!

But, but but.. Sir Obama cannot tread the same path because he has been awarded a nobel peace prize. Damn!
So what does he do? Divert the attention by whipping up frenzy and bringing on the heat on immigrants.

I completely understand that it is needed for America to save its interests.
But the methods are downright cheap and disgusting.

For example, the latest border security bill passed by the senate a couple of days back.
This is blasphemy, you want to charge a couple of thousand dollars extra over what you were already charging.
You are a multi trillion dollar economy, you don't twitch before doubling the amount
for the war in Iraq, you give a billion dollars a year to terror friendly Pakistan, but for the border security of your own country where you need $650 million, you want the fund to come from outside sources?
Is $650 M for a country like America that big an amount?

You want to charge the law abiding immigrant for stopping illegal immigration?

In the name of protecting jobs, the short sightedness of this decision is only going to impair America's razor sharp technological edge in the world.

The US industry has also reacted strongly to this act.

Check this :

The united states of America is a loved country worldwide because it is a microcosm of all races. It has the colours of the world and hence is far ahead of any other country because every country has only a few colours or races to boast of.

United states is a dreamland for people from India, China, Russia(damn the administration, the Russian people love America and its movies ;-)).
The short sighted congressmen will one day ruin this equilibrium with their draconian methods of protectionism.

And Mr President, his highness, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is endorsing all this in broad daylight.

In my opinion, I can only say, Sir, with all due respect, you are only a shadow of your 2008 Avatar now.

I sincerely hope that you do not end up being 'just-another-president' like your predecessor.

I want to see America transition from the throes of darkness to light again and in the process see you regain lost ground.

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PS : Also ask Michelle to be a little discreet about her holidays :)