1 day, two movies.
10 AM : Huffing and puffing, reached the cinema.. got the 3D glasses on and quickly settled into the seats. That was the last time before intermission, that i looked at Tina and another dear friend.
The concept was new and the movie was AVATAR.

The name sounds pretty Indian, but that's where the similarity ends.
After that the way we were taken into a dream of fantasy was so fulfilling that were left gasping for breath by intermission.
The visuals, the world, the creatures were so stunning that maybe God could take a cue and create a new planet like this once ours comes to an end.
The Na'vi tribe had a language of their own language to speak.. they had customs, love for the fellow creatures.
It made me cringe to feel like a human being.
We are, yes we are the most hypocritical race ever produced.
We lie to ourselves when we say that we want to save the planet. We kill all other living things in our sight, so that we could reign.
We are 'THE ALIENS', we pollute the world and if its anyone who doesn't deserve to live on this beautiful planet, it is us, it is you and it is me.
Every single thing that we do, pollutes our planet.
This feeling of mine, was vented by Cameron too, through AVATAR.
And that's why I respect him. He showed a mirror to the world by making a film which shows the human race's real ugly face.
We are the villains.

Now the technical brilliance part : This is THE BEST cinematic experience unfolding in front of you in terms of stunning visual effects, dramatic 3D, hair raising fights and the oh-so-brilliant creatures.
Nothing might be real, but the intent of the film is...
So real, that it tells us what garbage we actually are and how we are proud of being this garbage.

I liked a few lines from RGV's(Ram Gopal Varma, a weird and erstwhile intelligent indian film director who gives a few good ones in between) blog.
"When someone asked me if the special efx of AVATAR will inspire other filmmakers, I said that on the contrary they might have a reverse effect. What I mean is that we can only aspire to become someone when we can atleast have a belief that we can reach someone’s potential but James Cameron in AVATAR created a bench mark so high that it will take years for us lesser folk even to comprehend it let alone attempt to execute it.

It’s like if you aspire to be a runner and somehow hope to run at a speed of 20km per hour which may be the world record and then when on the track you see a guy running at 200kmph you would rather give up and come back and make family dramas and TV serials and leave the running to James Cameron.

Titanic was fantastic but it did not shake me up inspite of everyone else around me back then saying that James Cameron is God of cinema.

But with his second coming “AVATAR” I have surely turned religious.

I want to pray to him for making “AVATAR”.

I hate him for making all us so-called filmmakers in the world feel like ants. "

When I came out after the movie, the hangover remained for a few hours.
I am still ashamed of being a human.
The human being is the most intelligent creature on this planet, but also the most selfish, calculative, manipulative, hideous, ugly, sinister and unfriendly creature on this planet.

Avatar is par excellence. If you miss it, you miss knowing the real face of being human.
I give it a 10 out of 5.
**************************ROCKET SINGH**************************************************************
Movie over, had nice lunch, chatted, bought a new carry case for my nice 'near -professional' new camera!
Time to head for another movie now..

Avatar had taken the wind out the the sails of other movies and that's the reason why another brilliant movie "Rocket Singh" was 'easily-available' on a weekend.

The movie starts with Ranbir Kapoor, who's a duffer at everything passing his BCom just marginally.
He thinks of taking a sales job. He gets rebuked, beaten, bruised and screwed all in the first few days of his job.
He does everything he can for his job and his boss, but he cannot be unjust to his job and this rubs his boss the wrong way.
How Ranbir puts every piece together to make a company of his own to bring his boss's company to its knees is the main plot of the film.
I wont give away more.
Now talking about this boy, Ranbir, I somehow am impressed by him, he acts, dances well, looks good and is confident.
All these are really difficult to find in today's actors, more so in star kids.
He manages to pull off the whole show on his shoulders.
The scenes where his boss finds him doing some odd job in an electronic store really touched my heart.
My heart went out to him when he said to his manager "har aadmi ke paas do qualities hoti hain.. upar jaane & neeche aane ki, aapne mere liye sirf neeche aane ka raasta chhoda, what could i do? what did i come to you for? just one chance"
Now at most times, all of us working in any industry have felt this against our bosses.

Bosses are not friends, they just pretend to be friends.
Kaam nikla, fir tu bhi nikla.
That's what bosses are about. Aah.. let me not get started about the boss thing..
These days there is very high amount of negative polarization against him and if someone just nudges me, i will burst out and spew ash and lava like volcanoes :)

So lets stop here.. Ranbir Kapoor was brilliant.
A must watch for all people who feel that they can do something and hate their bosses for not letting them do it.