Rumbling(verb) - is a deep, resonant and persistent sound that often induces people into a state of trance.

How would you feel when one person whom you have nurtured, believed in, invested in, one fine day without notice start drifting away from you?

Would it evoke a reaction from you? Would you feel sad or cheated or lonely?

If I were that person, I would not feel ‘sad’ because I was the one who nurtured, believed and invested in the person. If at all anything was, it was my mistake.

I would not feel ‘cheated’ because the other person chose to walk away, and 'cheated' is a grave term and should not be used until something is proven.

I would also not feel lonely, because loneliness is only in the mind. As long as you want to feel lonely, you would, the world would seem gloomy, dark and overcast.

But if you choose to forget, then the world would seem green again.

But words are easy to pen, not follow.
Even though I would tend not to feel cheated, sad or lonely, I would feel 'wronged'.

I would feel wronged for the reason that I trusted a person who could not repose my faith.

I would feel wronged because if I held that person whenever she fell, she just walked when I fell.

I would feel wronged because if ever and whenever there was something she wanted to share, she shared it first with me and now I no longer get to see that from her side.

I would feel wronged because of being made a second fiddle.

I would feel wronged because I am a fool who made a bigger fool of myself.

Maybe I was in an 'inceptionized' state where I only dreamt and nothing actually existed.

Maybe I expected too much from her because I am a Virgo... and hence the feminine side always interferes with my 'guy attitude' and makes me feel miserable.

Maybe I should stop, think and listen to my brain.

Yeah maybe..

Maybe it's time now to stop loving everyone around.

And frankly the world seems greener now! Just by writing this.

But I am afraid, the day this person comes back, I am going to melt again.. I am going to forget all that I am writing..

Because someone has said and quite truly,

"Dil to bachcha hai ji.. thoda kachcha hai ji"
(The heart is a kid, a little inept)

And in the end, the great game of human emotions would win again and I would be reduced to being just a character who lost the game.

This is actually a re-post of the same post posted a week earlier, the trailer is attached because a few people asked me if everything was allright!! Yeah yeah.. it's still heaven out here! These are just rumblings. Fiction sounds very true many times!