If they could, then everyone would be a priest.
I, all the time have a difference of opinion with so many people around... which includes my near, dear and no so near ones.

Is this difference in opinion a problem? Surely not, but yeah, it does leave a bad taste 99 out of 100 times.
And who's responsible for that taste. Unfortunately me.

Why?? because I let things affect me.
I am reminded of an interview I watched of Abhishek Bachchan in which he was asked, how he reacted to adverse things happenings around him all the time.
Simple answer : He said, he had 2 kinds of approaches :
1. For all the people I hardly know, I ignore all feedback, good or bad.
2. For my wife, I just say "Yes ma'am".
That's it.

Now at all points of time, all of us, encounter both these situations.

It's actually easy to get out of all these situations.. but on most times, a big ego or plain reluctance to accept comes in between.
There will always be millions of occasions when you want to bash up someone for making a point that you don't like.
Normally I react, and get into trouble.
If I follow Abhishek's first advice i would steer clear.

There will be many occasions when you plan a nice weekend trip and have it in your mind, not really sharing it, expecting the people that you love would love it when it unfolds .. and suddenly office work and colleagues would play spoilsport on a weekend.
Sometimes it would be zealousness to prove a point that plays a spoilsport.

There would be too many things that wait to get on your nerve.. and there is really no liquid that could cool you off or some 'Navratna tel' that could give you some thandak.

Life isn't fair, get used to it.
It's really difficult to walk the talk.. but there is nothing wrong in 'trying' to walk the talk.
Abhishek bhau.. have to give it to you.

The mantra is 'Let go'.
Just said it... and I am feeling much better already :)
Thanks man!