He's done it again.
I have run out of words. I definitely cannot reproduce similar text to what I had written on his 175 runs in Hyderabad.
But what I would, if I were the prime minister of India, is dedicate the country of India to this man.

This man, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, has what it takes for a human to be happy with life.
He is world famous, he has 90% of the batting records in the world.
There is no peak left for him to scale.
And yet everytime, he defines a peak for himself 10% higher than the one he scaled a while ago... and amazingly at 36 years of age, scales it.
What do I say.. I am short on words, but full on emotions.
Amazement is something you have, when you witness the man doing the unachievable.
But he achieves the unachievable so often that you are bound to be wordless, speechless and blinded.
Yes, he leaves a blind spot in my eyes and a hemorrhaged brain every time he does this.
He gives me a high that nothing can... and all this, when I am not certainly ‘attracted’ to him.

That’s what I call aura. Aura is not just a make-believe phenomenon, aura is ‘Sachin Tendulkar’.

Again, this time, the 200.. something that was so effortless to him, definitely is something which seems unattainable to any other living creature in the world.

200 in a one day international is like blasphemy in ODI.
But when he is blasphemous, the world loves it and the country bows.
Today all the Aaj Taks and the Star News Hindis of the world would be performing theatrical poojas of him. They would make him a deity.

But to people like me, he was always a deity.
Always the one person I would give my eye tooth for just to earn his autograph.
This man is something beyond my comprehension.
Today, I am just all shaken up from within. Shaken up because I never thought that anyone could ever score a double in a ODI.
But when I think that it was blasphemy by my favourite man, I feel the pride gushing from my blood.
This is the Kohinoor Diamond of India.

24th Of Feb,2010 is when my Dad retired from service and it’s also the day the master chose to shake the world of cricket.

The day belonged to both my heroes.
Salutes and Bows.