Some people are shy.. some sly, some plain stupid and some private.

Put all of them in a situation and give them a girl/guy whom they secretly admire.
99 out of 100 would choose to hide that they like the other person.

Why I fail to understand this trait is another story.
For now, I can tell this from my experience where I have seen 3 of my friends doing this.
First they tell the world, that its just a figment of 'our' imagination.
Then like celebrities, say, we are just friends.
6 months down the lane, they come up with a smile and tell me..
Friend :
Hey... how have you been?? You know something? Well I have something to tell you!

And though I know what's coming, i sound excited and say, Whaatt?? Dont tell me that you...

Friend :
Yeah, I am getting married to her!

Me :
Duh! You came to know last! The whole of the college/Nagpur/Gachibowli knew that!
Anyways... yippiiiieee!! I am so happy for both of you!!

Now, I am really happy for such friends.. but the thing is that it baffles me why everyone tries to hide it initially when it is so evident to the world around them!
This I have seen thrice!
And it doesn't end here, I am seeing it even now!
Like I mentioned in one of my earlier entries, the 'aashiqui' thread is something that connects all generations, all kinds of people around us.

1. Nagpur is the 10th most populous Indian city in India where a lot of 'aashiqs' reside.
2. Aashiq would mean 'fanatic lover' in Hindi(a popular Indian language)
3. Gachibowli is a suburb in my city where a lot of IT companies are housed ]

5 ways to find a budding 'something-cooking' thing :

i) Person X chats only with person Y continuously.
ii) If some person accidentally lands at his place, Person X scrambles to minimize the chat windows. He starts the 'business-as-usual' as soon as the person leaves.
iii)Person X does not refer to the 'adorable' person with his/her name directly. He/she either create an abbreviation or some kind of a reference-name to avoid prying eyes.
iv) Person X almost creates a scene or makes a face at the mention of the 'adorable' person.
v) Person X has 3 pressing situations where his/her presence is needed. No prizes for guessing the one he/she chooses first!

Hope this helps!
Not the people, but the 'aashiqs' to realize that they are not the only intelligent ones!